Fitting Process


The Process

  1. Get Information
    Use reliable sources like Suraj Auto Gas to get correct CNG information
  2. Decide to Save Money
    Save up to 45% of petrol cost. CNG is cheap, safe and earth-friendly
  3. Hire Us
    We provide the best material, workmanship, service and stress-free package. We need your car, documents and advance payment to get started.
  4. Fitting
    Get stress-free fitting of your choice of the world’s best CNG brands. We calibrate, test and fine-tune your car to the highest performance standard.
  5. Inspection and Registration
    We take care of all RTO inspection and registration work free of cost.
  6. CNG Plate
    We get your CNG compliance plate from Mahanagar Gas free of cost.
  7. Fill-up your tank
    Your vehicle is now CNG fitted, government approved and ready to start saving.
  8. Head out for a long drive
    Enjoy saving ₹₹ on your vehicle, worry-free. We offer free servicing for one year and warranty for up to two years.


List of Documents Required:


Testing and Recertification

Suraj Auto also provides Hydro Testing and Compliance Plate Renewals for existing CNG vehicles.
Call us on +(91) 75062 50019 for more information.


Servicing and Repairs

Suraj Auto also provides servicing and repairs for existing CNG vehicles.
Call us on +(91) 75062 50019 for more information.


Vehicle Brands

For a complete list of vehicle brands, click here


CNG Kit Brands

For a complete list of CNG kit brands, click here